About Habitat for Humanity of Williamson County Illinois

Thank you for visiting the Williamson County Illinois Habitat for Humanity.

Officially recognized as an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International in 1999, the Board of Directors of the local Habitat group represents business and professional people as well as representatives of churches of many denominations. After years of service, our local Habitat has built 12 houses. This was made possible by the donations of money, material and volunteer time from a wide spectrum of the community.  Homeowners are chosen on the basis of need, ability to pay for the house at a very favorable rate and the willingness to work 200 hours on their house or other Habitat projects.  Not only do the occupants of the new home benefit, but the community volunteers also gain a sense of cooperation and dedication to this very meaningful work of God.  They donate their work, time, materials, and most of all love.  It is then that the volunteer builders realize the true spiritual meaning of Christ’s words, “Inasmush as you have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me.” (Matthew 25)

The local affiliate is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is constituted so as to respresent the ethnic, economic, religious, and cultural diversity of the community it serves. Nine committees function under the Board’s leadership to carry out the many tasks involved in providing housing and supporting new homeowner families. The work is accomplished through the efforts of many volunteers who work through the following committees:

  • Construction Committee works on building the actual houses, including all the work from start to finish.  All skill levels and unskilled volunteers are needed.
  • Fund raising Committee applies for grants and coordinates all fund raising activities. Unskilled and experienced volunteers are needed.
  • Site Selection Committee negotiates with industry professionals and governmental agencies to acquire suitable lots for Habitat projects. Volunteers with skills in real estate, mortgage lending, and architecture are needed.
  • Church Relations Committee contacts and maintains relationships with religious organizations in order to gain support in the form of funding, meeting place, and volunteers for Habitat projects. Skilled and unskilled volunteers are needed.
  • Family Selection Committee evaluates applicants for eligibility for Habitat homes. Volunteers with a good understanding of the needs of families and the mission of Habitat are needed.
  • Public Relations Committee produces Habitat newsletter, press releases and all promotional material including the Habitat web site. This committee also maintains relationships with local media in order to gain publicity for Habitat events. Public Relations professionals and volunteers with graphic design, printing, writing or related skills needed.
  • Volunteer Coordination Committee maintains and updates Habitat mailing and volunteer lists.  Committee members also coordinate all the volunteer activities, including scheduling volunteers to work on construction sites and working on mass mailings.  All skills levels and unskilled volunteers are needed.
  • Family Nurture Committee strives to help our families handle the sticky situations and dilemmas the new homeowners often confront. All skill levels and unskilled volunteers are needed.

This is an ongoing task, which involves the loving help of many, many people – like YOU. Habitat for Humanity always needs the continuing help of anyone who would like to do any helpful task, such as pound a nail or paint a wall or put in a light bulb. Volunteers might also do office or telephone work to help contact volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity of Williamson County is already eagerly and energetically building homes and giving families hope in Southern Illinois. We do need just one more thing: